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Welcome to Messiah Baptist Church!

This is the home of Messiah Baptist Church, located in Addison, Illinois - a western suburb of Chicago located just south of O'Hare airport. Please visit the site, and if you have any questions or if we can help you in any way please let us know.

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Join us for 40 Days of Hope starting Wed., Feb. 25th
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4 Steps to Developing Hope for Daily Living

1. Read the Scripture passage that corresponds to the area of hope for that day.
2. Pray and ask God to increase your faith in His working in your life.
3. Look for opportunities to rest in God's sovereignty during the day.
4. Before you go to bed read the passage again and offer up a prayer of thanksgiving.

Second Week


Area of Hope



Our true hope is in God

Psalm 39:7


Hope increases our faith

Mark 9:33


Hope is a foundational Christian truth

I Corinthians 13:13


We are saved by hope

Romans 8:24


Our hope will not be cut off

Proverbs 23:18


The hope of the righteous is gladness

Proverbs 10:28


Hope teaches us patience

Romans 8:25


Hope placed in the Lord brings blessing

Jeremiah 17:9


Never give up hope

Psalm 71:14


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